Fake Fragrances are just as harmful to the industry as your skin


Hello Loves!

Be Delicious by DKNY, Princess by Vera Wang and Hot by Ralph Lauren are all some of my signature scents. Everyone has a favorite fragrance that you wear everyday and  if your really obsessed like me then you have a special one for the weekend. It seems to me now that everyone and their mother have fragrances from actresses, reality stars and singers. The industry has become a open door for those without a brand like Kardashian or Pairs Hilton to make scent that doesn’t even smell good and has the sole purpose to expand their brands. For me, buying fragrances is  a fun experience and sometimes light headed one at most with  the glass counter tops and bright lights of the department store.  If you know me and my previous article in Thread , I am interested in the counterfeit industry and bringing awareness to the issue. Others prefer to go to  a vendor with a plastic table, sweatshirt and the smell of trash in the background. This describes the typical scene of a vendor selling fake fragrances on the street of a big city such as New York City. For those of you interning in New York City, downtown in notorious for this crime and vendors lure tourists in for their “deal” to sometimes find out that they are pushed to purchase something.


Fake bags may be one thing, but a fake fragrance  is not only jeopardizing the industry,but  your health. These fake fragrances may smell close to the real thing, but  the ingredients in them  could potentially be harmful reactors with skin contact. Patrick Bamburak, the director of forecasting and planning for Dior Perfumes in North America said “It’s either more concentrated and will be more strong or will have an alcohol smell that won’t last.”

Fakes have been found to contain contaminated alcohol, antifreeze, urine, and harmful bacteria.”

 Here are five ways to spot a fake scent no matter how convincing  it may seem.

1. The price: for a top designer you usually have to pay a bigger price tag.

2. If you are familiar with the fragrance, check on the size and color of the bottle and examine it for any misshapes or cracks.

3. Carefully examine details such as cellophane wrap. On a well-made perfume, the cellophane is wrapped closely around the box. Most counterfeit products don’t have the cellophane so tightly wrapped

According to CNN, $9.5 million of fake fragrances were seized in the U.S.

4. Look at the outside packaging. If the perfume’s box is made out of very thin material, the product is most likely a fake. A high-end beauty manufacturer will use high quality paperboard when they’re creating a carton for their product.

5. Lastly, examine the barcodes. If they are inside the box then you should be suspicious.

   Remember to spritz something real on your skin or you may end up with a bad reaction and people won’t think it’s from a fragrance if you know what I mean.  So just stick with the real luxury items because you will smell better and won’t support child labor and  unsanitary labs.

Let me know what you think!

xoxo Kaylyn.


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