My take on CFDA 2012 Nominees


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I can’t believe the end of the quarter is coming to an end! I have enjoyed writing weekly blogs for  Thread Magazine and sharing my insight on current news in the fashion industry. My goal has been to educate my readers on fashion news  in an intriguing. For my last blog entry, I  am sharing the 2012 nominees of the CFDA awards.  Many of you may already know the nominees, but I want to share my opinion on why they were chosen by showing their past and current collections.

The CFDA has nine award categories:Womenswear, Menswear, accessory designer, Swarovski award for Menswear and Womenswear, Media award, fashion icon award, founder award and the international award.

Because there are so many nominees, I am going to show my favorite pieces from each collection.  The nominees for Womenswear  are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for The Row, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Herandez for Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs.

Jack and Lazaro: Photo credit to Harper’s Bazaar

For Menswear the nominees are Billy Reid,Patrik Ervell and Simon Spurr.  Alexander Wang, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler and Reed Krakoff are the nominees for Accessory Designer.

Another nomination that I found interesting was The Fashion Icon award. Johnny Depp is the first male  to be nominated in this category for his personal and eclectic style according to NYtimes.

Three years ago when someone said ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’ he or she would think of their roles in Full House or their childhood movies, but never for  fashion designers. Even though they designed a line for Wal-mart,  the fashion industry probably didn’t take them  too seriously. But two years ago when they debuted their first collection from their line, The Row, it was the first chance the industry would see artistic talent among the sisters. Luxury and  a monochromatic tones have remained signature themes in all their collections. The fall 2012 collection expressed luxury with fur and silk embellishments.

The Row Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear                                                                         The Row Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

The first look I like because of the blouse is flowy with sheer fabric. It can be worn with colored top underneath or a patterned skirt. The second image is  good for Fall because of the quilt like fabric, but the dress should be worn with a pair of pumps rather than black strappy sandals. I think the Olsens  deserve to be nominees in this category because they have remained  true to their style and carrying out their vision despite critics who thought they wouldn’t make it as high-end designers.

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are nominees for both Womenswear and  Accessories. Last year the two won the Womenswear award. After Jack and Lazaro collaborated on their senior thesis at Parsons, Barney’s bought their entire collection. The name, Proenza Schouler came  from combining each of their mother’s maiden names because they didn’t want their own names on it because  if the line failed, then  their names would be associated with it.  Their Ready to Wear 2012 collection showed oversize trousers, jackets and blouses while adding an edge to some pieces with studs and leather embellishments.

Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear                     Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear      Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

 Brocade dresses, leather varsity jackets and loose cotton  trousers were reoccurring themes in the collection. Jack and Lazaro kept the touches of color in some of their pieces like their 2011 Ready to wear collection. But the previous collection was bolder with Japanese prints and Native American inspired fringed skirts and prints as shown below. In my opinion, I think the Jack and  Lazaro  have  kept their collection evolving and interesting for the consumers.


 Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear                                                              Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The Council of Fashion Designers of  America works to  help fund future designers while supporting educational initiatives that help support high school and college students. Sometimes fashion  tought when it comes to  who has talent and  the availability  of job opportunities, but this is one organization helping expanding the artistic talent side of the fashion industry. Every year I look forward to  seeing the winners of the  awards because it  help the industry and those interested in fashion to  keep  an eye on their growth as designers. I would examine each nominee’s collection, but I think  it would be a long blog. I hope you enjoyed this blog  and the previous ones because I had fun writing and researching them.

For now, keep it stylish and  stay true to yourself!  Have a good summer everyone!

xoxo Kaylyn


Diane von Furstenberg’s Meatpacking District Penthouse


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For many of us,our houses  in college are far from our dream house. While it may be nice to relax in our own personal space during college whether it’s a dorm, apartment or house, nothing compares to having the home of your dreams that is designed to your taste. If your like me, many of us have a vision in the type of house we want and the location . It may be a lofty apartment overlooking the city or a  brick home outside the suburbs.  For Diane von Furstenberg,  her home and studio consisted of merging two brick buildings together with the help of architects,Amale Andraos and Dan Wood. She acquired two  brick buildings in 2006 and her builders converted what was once a gap between the structures is now a concrete staircase that leads from the ground floor to a rooftop lair containing a live/work space and, above that, a 900-square-foot master suite with a terrace.

Fake Fragrances are just as harmful to the industry as your skin


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Be Delicious by DKNY, Princess by Vera Wang and Hot by Ralph Lauren are all some of my signature scents. Everyone has a favorite fragrance that you wear everyday and  if your really obsessed like me then you have a special one for the weekend. It seems to me now that everyone and their mother have fragrances from actresses, reality stars and singers. The industry has become a open door for those without a brand like Kardashian or Pairs Hilton to make scent that doesn’t even smell good and has the sole purpose to expand their brands. For me, buying fragrances is  a fun experience and sometimes light headed one at most with  the glass counter tops and bright lights of the department store.  If you know me and my previous article in Thread , I am interested in the counterfeit industry and bringing awareness to the issue. Others prefer to go to  a vendor with a plastic table, sweatshirt and the smell of trash in the background. This describes the typical scene of a vendor selling fake fragrances on the street of a big city such as New York City. For those of you interning in New York City, downtown in notorious for this crime and vendors lure tourists in for their “deal” to sometimes find out that they are pushed to purchase something.


Fake bags may be one thing, but a fake fragrance  is not only jeopardizing the industry,but  your health. These fake fragrances may smell close to the real thing, but  the ingredients in them  could potentially be harmful reactors with skin contact. Patrick Bamburak, the director of forecasting and planning for Dior Perfumes in North America said “It’s either more concentrated and will be more strong or will have an alcohol smell that won’t last.”

Fakes have been found to contain contaminated alcohol, antifreeze, urine, and harmful bacteria.”

 Here are five ways to spot a fake scent no matter how convincing  it may seem.

1. The price: for a top designer you usually have to pay a bigger price tag.

2. If you are familiar with the fragrance, check on the size and color of the bottle and examine it for any misshapes or cracks.

3. Carefully examine details such as cellophane wrap. On a well-made perfume, the cellophane is wrapped closely around the box. Most counterfeit products don’t have the cellophane so tightly wrapped

According to CNN, $9.5 million of fake fragrances were seized in the U.S.

4. Look at the outside packaging. If the perfume’s box is made out of very thin material, the product is most likely a fake. A high-end beauty manufacturer will use high quality paperboard when they’re creating a carton for their product.

5. Lastly, examine the barcodes. If they are inside the box then you should be suspicious.

   Remember to spritz something real on your skin or you may end up with a bad reaction and people won’t think it’s from a fragrance if you know what I mean.  So just stick with the real luxury items because you will smell better and won’t support child labor and  unsanitary labs.

Let me know what you think!

xoxo Kaylyn.

Anna Dello Russo coming to H&M


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If you have seen my clothes or asked about  the ones I have on, 75% of my clothes are from H&M. This is the store that first  really motiviated me to dress better and change my  preppy hollister days in high school to blouses and vests and eventually a  full stylish wardrobe. Every season, I look forward to see what trends  the retailer has incorporated into its line and what upcoming designer collaborations will hit stores. Last year it was Lanvin and Valentino which produced a high demand  of their clothes and as a result an increase in sales.  H&m among other retailers such as Target and Kohls have partnered with designers to make theiri design available at the low-end market. Just yesterday, Anna Dello Russo announced she will be  having a jewelry line at the mega retailer.

anna dello russo for h m

 For those  of you who may not, Anna is a legendary fashion editor  at large for Vogue Japan. According to H&M’s press release today, the “over-the-top” accessories will include jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags. It will be Anna’s second line with  retailer after Macy’s.But we can expect oversized, glitzy, fashion-forward pieces when the collaboration hits about 140 H&M store. 


She is known for her bauble, over the top jewlery that makes a statement with a little bit of glam. I thought her line reminded me of  a gatsby inpired era especially when Thread had its birthday party.

March 2012

I also like her style because she adds something to her outfits that speak of edge and glamour while remaining put together and not dated.  Her line doesn’t debut until October 4 2012 which is a long time away, but it gives me time to make a plan to stand in line. I try to buy at least one piece from limited time desiginer collections with retailers. I still have my favorite Erin Fetherston  jacket I bought at Target  that is still worn and in my closet todady.  One of my other favorite pieces is my Luella pink suede jacke that I also got at Target. As you can tell, I lvoe my lower end collections fom designers. What is your favorite piece that you bought?

Spring Trends


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Spring is one of my favortie seasons because I can ditch my worn tired boots for sandals that come with jewel tones, animal patterns and embellishments. I’m really into pattern skirts because I think they go with anything and they can be used for  day and night. The blue and seafoam hues are  perfect for spring AND summer.  Have fun with shoe colors; there’s a bigger variety in stores right now. Pastels are another trend appearing on the runway.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear  3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

With summer around the corner, swimsuits are popping up left and right. I’m a little obessesed, and look to buy one for each season. There are so many styles and patterns of swimsuits; how can a girl NOT want one of each?! Black and white, animal print and patterns are in, and Michael Kors shows these trends on the Spring 2012 Runway.

I  want to try out some more must-haves of the seasons.What kinds of trends are you guys looking to try this spring? I would love to know!

xoxo Kaylyn

A site to be seen





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Today’s blog  is about a new website to cause distraction among on-line shoppers and sellers, but what is a better distraction than looking at clothes and accessories?! Just launched today, is a new website that allows users to convert unwanted clothing and accessories into cash as well as buy items. Manik Singh, founder of the site came up with the idea when he saw his wife and many of her friends keeping things in their closets that they didn’t want. The site has 7,500 pieces and among them are DVF classic black wrap dress for $88 and Tory Burch flats. The site sells shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry and  accessories and the photos of the pieces you sell come Facebook and Instagram photos. The platform just snagged a $1.6 million  financing deal with  Firstline Capital and Baseline Ventures.


I was looking through my closet the other day  and saw some things i should sell because I never wear them, but I have a hard time letting go! Does anyone else feel that way? My rationale is I will use them someday depending on the season’s trend orm I will find a new way to pair my unwanted items with my outfit.


I was looking through my closet the other day  and saw some things i should sell because I never wear them, but I have a hard time letting go! Does anyone else feel that way? My rationale is I will use them someday depending on the season’s trend orm I will find a new way to pair my unwanted items with my outfit.


Image Nila Anthony Bag $76

Image Marc jacobs bag for $310-I want this!

I was looking through my closet the other day  and saw some things i should sell because I never wear them, but I have a hard time letting go! Does anyone else feel that way? My rationale is I will use them someday depending on the season’s trend orm I will find a new way to pair my unwanted items with my outfit. Do you have a hard tiem getting rid of  old pieces from  your closet?

Happy tuesday!

—xox Kaylyn